The Basic Types of Socks That One Need to Have

Socks are a type of clothing that one needs to stock like any other clothing. One can opt to get a wardrobe for their socks or even a closet where they can conveniently stock them and retrieve them easily based on clothing and occasion. There are socks you wear on everyday business like job and exercises and there is those specific type you get to in case of a special event like a party. One should, therefore, ensure a complete set of socks in their stock ranging from hosiery, hoses to stockings. What one tries to avoid in developing a stock wear for their socks is wearing the same type of socks over and over. Remember that socks are designed based on attire type and occasion; hence there are socks that one can consider when going for exercises or running and those to be worn with official clothing. It’s therefore important for one to have a variety of them. You can find more funky socks here at Yo Sox.

As it is the case with shoes, where different shoes are worn in different events so should be the case with socks. The very basic kind of socks that one should have is socks worn on formal events like work and meetings. This mostly involves men as most women prefer heels which go sock-less. However, during parties, women get well with tights, leggings, and stockings.

Another type of socks which is most preferred is the sports sock or rather performance socks. This happens to be another must-have sock as it is the one worn during workouts, running and other exercises. The socks are usually worn with running shoes, sandals or even sneakers. The fabric they are made of is mostly cotton meant to absorb moisture during the exercises. Nylon is another fabric that the socks may be made from to enhance elasticity. Here socks of all colors are available though the most popular ones are black, grey and white.

The other common type of socks is unique or funny socks design. This kind of socks happens to be most colorful, fun and flirty and is mostly used for fashion. The socks may assume various types like fancy bobby socks, toe or even a mismatch. The various designs are worn with the appropriate attire to achieve the desired look.

Another type of socks mostly preferred by environmental advocates is the eco-friendly organic type of socks. These types of socks are mostly made from natural materials like organic cotton. They happen to favor both the wearer and the environment hence proving to be very safe.

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